Friday, October 17, 2008

2008 Revision of the Greatest Royals of All-Time

I started the list in 2006, and it will undoubtedly take me through the 2009 season to complete the list. In the meantime, players keep adding to their value and moving up the list. So here's an updated list through the end of the 2008 season:

42.Jose Offerman
43.Mark Teahen (up from #51)
44.Doug Bird
45.Jermaine Dye
46.Danny Jackson
47.Kurt Stillwell
48.Steve Farr
49.Jim Eisenreich
50.Steve Balboni
51.Jeff Suppan
52.David Cone
53.Marty Pattin
54.Jose Rosado
55.Tim Belcher
56.Brent Mayne
57.Raul Ibanez
58.Emil Brown
59.Zack Greinke (previously not on the list)
60.John Buck (up from #91)
61.Hipolito Pichardo
62.Gary Gaetti
63.Greg Gagne
64.Mark Grudzielanek (previously not on the list)
65.Steve Mingori
66.Clint Hurdle
67.Angel Berroa
68.Matt Stairs
69.Bill Pecota
70.Bob Oliver
71.Pat Sheridan
72.Jeff King
73.Gil Meche (previously not on the list)
74.Carlos Febles
75.Lonnie Smith
76.Alex Gordon (previously not on the list)
77.Roger Nelson
78.Michael Tucker
79.Tom Poquette
80.Bruce Dal Canton
81.Rich Gale
82.Fran Healy
83.Pat Kelly
84.Jaime Quirk
85.Joakim Soria (previously not on the list)
86.Luis Aquino
87.Ted Abernathy
88.Darrell May
89.Mark Littell
90.David Howard
91.Pete LaCock
92.Jim Wohlford
93.Chris Haney
94.Mike Hedlund
95.Paul Byrd
96.Tom Burgmeier
97.Jeremy Affeldt
98.Jim Sundberg
99.Kevin McReynolds
100.Jorge Orta


Anonymous said...

Will there be new entries for those who weren't formerly included on the list, like Greinke, Grud, and Soria? Or perhaps updated entries for those who have moved up?

Keep up the good work Max, I know compiling this list is a lot of work, and probably quite tedious at times, but it's always great reading. Hope you're doing well, and I always looking forward to the latest entry.


Max said...

Not sure yet. I mean any Royals fan probably knows a lot about Soria, Grudz, Gordon. The point of the list was to learn about players from the past. Its probably a year away, so maybe I'll put something together when the list is entirely complete.

ChaimMKeller said...

Hooray! Jason "My ERA looks good because inherited runners don't count against me" Grimsley has been forced off!

ChaimMKeller said...

Hmm...I notice in this revision you did not flip Emil Brown and Raul Ibanez like you did in your post to Royals Review.

Max said...

Oops, forgot that. Yea, Raul was better than Nationwide.

KHAZAD said...

This is a wonderful undertaking which I just discovered, but David Howard? Really? There has to be some caveat for how long it took you to get your win shares. I still believe David was Bob Boone's illegitimate son.